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Outstanding in managing your outstandings.

We make your cash flow.

We are experts in the field of international receivables management: fiduciary collection, debt purchase and business process outsourcing. With tailored services for business customers and consumers.We create win-win solutions that make your cash flow. Always in a way that suits you and your costumers. Because we know that todays debtors are your future customers. And you can concentrate on the future growth of your company.

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Phone: +385 1 6407 100

E-mail: kontakt@eos-matrix.hr

We are certified.

EOS Matrix d.o.o. is certificated: It has fulfilled creditworthiness criteria for 2020 and belongs to the top Croatian companies that are allowed to use the status A as a symbol of Credit Rating Excellence. Creditworthiness rating is above-average rating value of entities - economic operators. It is based on the entities' financial statements for the last business year and forecasts the safety of operations in the next twelve months.

We are certified.

EOS Matrix d.o.o. holds the 261572-2018-AIS-HRV-UKAS security information certificate. The information security management system covers all processes that are in the function of receivables management and related solutions. This certification demonstrates, to our clients and other stakeholders, our compliance with the highest standards of information security and our focus on it's continuous improvement. With this we continue our journey of digital transformation having the objective of increasing the efficiency of the processes and creating new values.

We encourage a culture of inclusivity and non-discrimination

By signing the Diversity Charter, the company EOS Matrix has formalised its business policy of respecting individual diversity and mutual respect. As one of the signatories of this Charter, we are committed to publicly supporting, protecting and developing diversity in our organisation and value chain. By signing this national document, we want to further strengthen our position as a desirable employer and additionally encourage the development of culture of inclusivity.

Information Security Policy

We have established the Information Security Policy, which provides a framework for setting realistic information security goals. Our focus is on finding common solutions, that meet requests of all parties in the process, by applying the highest standards of information security and personal data protection. We manage information security through regular placement, updating and tracking of goals, focusing on information security risk control and business continuity assurance.

Our identity. Our values.

We are looking forward to the future in EOS. We know who we are. In 2006, we recognized the essence of keeping our company together and making us stronger. We have clear ethical principles. They are listed in our Code of Conduct which is the foundation of our work and our corporate culture. This commitment to our values ​​shows how we deal with current and future challenges.


The heads supporting our talents.

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